Our goal as a team is to provide you with user-friendly and helpful psychological information.  In order to do this, we have combined our different strengths and passions in an attempt to create a unique web-based enterprise.

Martin Phillips-Hing


I am a practicing psychologist - since 1998 - who has always been interested in looking for patterns and meaning in life.  I  believe that many difficult ideas can be better understood by using stories, metaphors and visual images.  These serve to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown - expanding our understanding.  I have found that many people benefit from some fundamental information that can be presented in an entertaining and engaging manner.  I hope this site will contribute to the spread of this information
expanding our understanding

David Ediger

Creative Director - Videographer - Designer

I am a graphic and visual designer and artist.  I have always challenged myself with new and creative forms of expression.  I began with sketching, painting and sculpture.  Early in the technological revolution I expanded to electronic media - print, web, interactive video, large format print, audio and interior design.  Most recently I have worked with video. I work to use art, words, images, light and movement to form visually engaging media.
passion, creativity, design and imagination...